This is my (Sean McGregor's) vanity website. It contains my blog on all things machine learning, visualization, AI safety, FLOSS non-profits, and Life.

Status Update

My current focus is developing the AI Incident Database project and the organization behind its development. I am also writing the post-prize report for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE-- a $5 million contest for solving Grand Challenges with artificial intelligence. Finally, I am developing a test harness mapping algorithmic assessments (i.e., audits) to the concepts of data-centric governance.

About Sean

Sean McGregor is a machine learning PhD, founder of the Responsible AI Collaborative and lead technical consultant for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE following work as a founding research engineer with the neural accelerator startup Syntiant. His current focus is the development of the AI Incident Database as an index of harms or near harms experienced in the real world, which builds on his experience in AI safety and interpretability for deep and reinforcement learning as applied to wildfire suppression policy, speech, and heliophysics. Outside his paid work, Sean's open source development work has earned media attention in the Atlantic, Der Spiegel, Wired, Venture Beat, Vice, and O'Reilly while his technical publications have appeared in a variety of machine learning, HCI, ethics, and application-centered proceedings.

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